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Shrink Packing Machines


Boxes, Jewel boxes, Bottles, Jars, Metal components, Stationary, Can etc.
Packing Material -PVC, LD, Poly-Olefin or any other shrinkable film.


1) Sleeve packing type
2) Packed by shrink film, can save manpower and packing materials
3) Special transmission structure avoids brokenness
4) Hot-air cycling system in the shrinking chamber makes products more compact
5)Special conveyor structure can correctdeviationcompletely
6) Conveyor motor adopts frequency conversion technology, and with long lifetime and low noise
7)Big bottles with single-row or multi-row, such as medicine. bottles and drinking bottles

Salient Features

Very efficient machine, all around close design ensures less heat loss thus less electricity consumption. Heavy-duty conveyor system, which is having insulated surface to avoid any damage to product or shrink sleeve. High speed blower system with continuous rating. High quality heating element. Machine can be attached with any other packing machine or operation to give online application. Other sizes are available as per requirements.

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